Das Männliche in Natur und Geschichte – eine politische Anthropologie

English Abstract:

The manliest species and the most childlike, too

In natural history, manhood appears as a defect variety of original unisex femininity, just aimed for procreation and genetic diversity. Mankind is the only species where it plays a role of its own in Evolution. When femininity’s main features seem to be sustenance and consolidation, manhood’s are imperfection and endeavour. Since then, the destinies of mankind are shaped by two opposite drives. Erectness and the opening of his original natural niche towards a historical World appear as ‘male’ achievements, while settling, economy and labour match with the ‘female’ scheme. With division of labour progressing, enterprise and competition emerge, converting communal bounds into market society. The emprise of fixed capital over living labour will finally, via so-called Managerial revolution, result in the bureau- cratisation du monde. Medial revolution and globalisation, as two faces of a coin, announce the complete reversion of the hitherto history of economy and Labour civilization. This is another challenge to the always precarious gender balance; since for the first time, manhood’s natural ally will have a say; and this is childhood.


~ von Panther Ray - September 9, 2008.

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